Friday, July 20, 2012

What Would YOU Do?

It's quarter to eight at night, 83 degrees IN the house (with house fans blowing), 81 degrees outside, and you:

1. Start a load of laundry (you just finished 2 loads, but there's always more....)

2. Cook a gourmet meal using the ingredients from the pantry (since the nearest store is 16+ miles away...)

3. Make a rum and diet Coke (hot tip: diet Coke tastes much better, whether you do diet or not), eat some cheese with Pecan Nut and Rice Crackers (it's heavenly, and they must have been designed to go with cheese), and cook hot dogs on the grill.

4. Dust the furniture, which is now white on top, not gray.  (It's been 5 days, after all.)

I went with #3.  Who wouldn't?  I've been using a spray water bottle to mist my body to help the cooling process, and decided a cold drink was my friend.  I wish I liked beer; this is a perfect beer day.

Even we're in the mountains, we've had more 'use the fan' days than the 2 previous summers combined.  And no air conditioning.  That means sleeping in underwear (T-shirts are too hot), and waking up cold in the morning when the temp drops 40-50 degrees.

Surviving the Summer of 2012....

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  1. Hi Sondra-wow what weather-we have had some sun but surely no heatwaves yet .In the truly British manner we just put on our wellies in the middle of August and say "Oh well it could be worse".Not long now before we see you all-its all getting very exciting.It does not seem five minutes ago it was Ben and Erika-time really seems to pass so quickly these days.Anyway,really looking forward to seeing you and catching up with all the news.Stay well best wishes to you both Love Trice and Mike.p.s Mike is checking the info you sent us thanks.