Monday, January 24, 2011

January Silence

After a lovely holiday and a fabulous time making memories with Rachel and Paul, our life has shifted back to the flow of normal life.  Weather on the mountain can be quite different than down in the valley by Gardiner.  The town has had warmer weather, where the roads are often clear and downright muddy.  They get rain; we get snow.  Our basic snow pack of 2+ feet has never left, and this morning we woke up to 4-5 new inches of fluff.  Prior to the new addition, we had a weekend of intense blowing snow.  The valley we live in (called the Cinnabar Basin) funnels the wind coming down the mountains and makes quite a stew of swirling snow.  "Ground blizzard" is what it's called when it's in crazy mode.  The winds comes from all directions, and sheets of snow life up from the ground and take off.

This morning the wind was gone, and everything was still.  We are literally living in the clouds; what looks like fog are cloud formations clinging to the ground.  All the mountains surrounding us are invisible:

Although the roads were plowed and cleared on Saturday, by now they have disappeared again, and the ranch manager was out starting to open a trail so everyone can get out and on to the work of opening the roads once again.  This is a daily chore that takes up a good part of the day....

It's a different world up here.  Good for someone who likes solitude and their own space. 

It's beautiful........