Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Five Signs Spring has Arrived

1. It snowed April 30th. (And yes, it WILL snow again, but the snow is not sticking.)
2. Future elk mommies are wandering around, getting bigger and looking uncomfortable.
3. Nothing is growing, but there is the very slightest hint of green in the yard.
4. The robins have come. (I've wondered what they eat this time of year, since there are no bugs and most of the ground is wormless and frozen.)

5. I have a bluebird pecking at my kitchen windows.

This happens every year. The mountain bluebirds arrive (that's the male on the left, and the female on the right.) and get busy building their nests. Apparently, the terrain around my kitchen windows is prime for bluebird nest-building.

The female bluebird is quite territorial when it comes to her nest. No other bluebirds dare to come close; she'll attack them with gusto.

That's where my evil windows come in. Said female sees her reflection in the windows, thinks it's another invading bluebird, and attacks. Peck, peck-peck, peck. This will go on for hours. She must be quite proud of herself for her braveness and diligence. Think of it as Bluebird Fight Club, only one-way.

The male bluebird could care less. He just sits on the fence rail, patiently waiting for his mate to finish off the competitor, looking a bit confused.

And so it goes. Peck, peck-peck, peck. Another idiosyncrasy that alarmed and bugged me at first, and now I sigh and ignore.

Peck, peck-peck, peck.