Friday, July 20, 2012

What Would YOU Do?

It's quarter to eight at night, 83 degrees IN the house (with house fans blowing), 81 degrees outside, and you:

1. Start a load of laundry (you just finished 2 loads, but there's always more....)

2. Cook a gourmet meal using the ingredients from the pantry (since the nearest store is 16+ miles away...)

3. Make a rum and diet Coke (hot tip: diet Coke tastes much better, whether you do diet or not), eat some cheese with Pecan Nut and Rice Crackers (it's heavenly, and they must have been designed to go with cheese), and cook hot dogs on the grill.

4. Dust the furniture, which is now white on top, not gray.  (It's been 5 days, after all.)

I went with #3.  Who wouldn't?  I've been using a spray water bottle to mist my body to help the cooling process, and decided a cold drink was my friend.  I wish I liked beer; this is a perfect beer day.

Even we're in the mountains, we've had more 'use the fan' days than the 2 previous summers combined.  And no air conditioning.  That means sleeping in underwear (T-shirts are too hot), and waking up cold in the morning when the temp drops 40-50 degrees.

Surviving the Summer of 2012....

Monday, July 16, 2012

Horsey Time

We've got a large field behind our back yard, and a number of the ranch horses have been moved there to munch on the acres of grass.  It's been fun watching the horses; the water trough is right next to our back yard fence.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Gerta's 10 Ranch House Rules...

1. Don't dust until the dark wood end table looks grey on top.  This will take about 2 days.

2. Sweep only when you feel lots of crunchies under your feet.  This will also take about 2 days.

3. Limit steam-cleaning carpets to 3-4 times a year.  Even after cleaning, they will look pretty much the same after a week.

4. Expect the dogs to get loose and run though the fields, then merrily come back into the house and trample the carpets with black mud from the creek about 2 days after steam cleaning the carpets.

5. Two tips for #4: 1.Wait until the mud dries, then sweep up.  2. Do not panic when all the dog footprints still faintly remain; they will blend in with the general condition of the carpet in a week.

6. With no air conditioning, leave the still-broken back sliding door open for air.

7.  Keep a screen-less kitchen window on the opposite of the house also open; this way the flies that come into the house have a way to fly through and not get stuck inside.

8. Note: when sweeping, be sure to dust off all windowsills and counters of the dead flies; some of those critters are not so smart, and with 50 degree temperature swings each day and night, they often croak.

9. Juggle the front windows open for cool air, and closed because of all the dust from the road out front.

10. When the dogs come in from a run and proudly place a dead gopher on the carpet in the living room, do not scream.  Tell them 'good dog' and quickly place in the garbage.  This happens often.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Moment of Reflection....

Haven’t posted in months.  

Why?  I don’t think I’ve had anything new or interesting to say.

My life seems pretty normal- at least to me.  I live way up high in the mountains of Montana, in a valley called the Cinnabar basin, and watch elk and now horses out my back window. 

I have frequent discussions with my house regarding what is the acceptable level of cleanliness that does not cause me distress.  

I’ve realized I talk to myself waay too much (conversations with the house not included), and trying to keep silent when alone is a challenge. (Thank goodness for our dogs; at least they offer a legitimate reason for vocalizing!).   

We had snow in June, and 2 weeks later temps in the 90’s.  

My big daily fashion decision is which pair of jeans and T-shirt I should wear.
Not exactly normal for most folks, I agree.  

Friends and family call and ask me what is new; my response is usually “Not much.”  I’m mostly content living my day-to-day, watching the many moods of the mountains.

Once upon a time, I was determined to make Big changes in the/my world.  Whatever I was going to do, I felt compelled to do it in a big way.  I had to be the best damn student/daughter/wife/designer/ creative director/mother/writer/ realtor in the land.   

Obviously, these were not realistic goals.  While pretty good at a number of them, there were just not enough hours in my day to Change the World. 

I’ve made my peace that the world will do just fine, thank-you-very-much, with my input or without it.  Looking back, I keep thinking ‘whew! how exhausting.’  All that energy put into attempted extra-achieving. 

Perhaps if I’d let my Inner bitch come out and play more often, I woulda had more energy at the end of the day.  You have to admit there is something freeing about flipping forward your first thoughts and actions without worrying how others will feel.  Getting older does give me a more relaxed perspective…

May your days of reflection bring a calmness to your soul…. And if that doesn’t work, bring out that Inner bitch!