Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Kids

'Nuff about me and Dan.  It's time for bragging a bit.

We've got 2 great daughters who are happy with 2 great guys, and they're are tackling Life with grace and enthusiasm.  What more can a parent ask for?  We birth 'em, feed and care for them, listen to their hopes and dreams, wipe their tears, push them when they need it and hold them back when they're ready to fall, scold 'em and love them.... and pray they get launched in life sound and whole, and prepared to find their way.

Rachel and Erika have long ago flown the coop and are flying well.  We couldn't be happier, and proud of their choices and direction.  You go, girls!

I've stolen a couple of pics from their web sites.... I just got to show them off.

Here's Erika involved in her work for the Soil Association in Scotland.  Doesn't she look like she'd fit right in Montana country?

Erika even camped out for an outdoor work event this last year.  Husband Ben came along and shared the cozy tent...

Rachel and Paul are enjoying themselves in-between University classes in Norfolk, England.  A walk at the beach and lessons on making sushi take away the stress of exams and papers due....

Cheers to them... and you!


  1. Awwww -- so sweet! Thanks, Mom!

  2. Wow, I really look like a crazy bag lady in that picture!! Even the chickens look wary. Thanks for posting this mom, it made my day. Love you!