Thursday, November 4, 2010

All In A Day's Work

One thing I like about living/working/being on a ranch is the never-ending variety of things to do.  Each day offers a new twist.
Today, my job was driving with Mrs. RM (Ranch Manager) to Livingston to pick up a number of things the ranch needed.  It's a good hour's drive each way through the Paradise Valley to reach town.

This is a photo of downtown Livingston.  It's the closest real city- there's even a movie theater (1 movie showing at a time). Actually, there are a number of bars, and restaurants, and even art galleries.  As the 'last hurrah' before heading south to Yellowstone Park, summer tourists keep the place busy.

First off, we stopped off to get sharpened chain-saw blades. I'm guessing there were at least 20 of them, and back at the work barn there had to be more than 40 more hanging on the wall.

The ranch uses a lot of chain saw blades.
Dan gets credit for dulling a good number of them. He's cut down oodles of run-away bushes and shrubs in the 3 months he's been here.....

Next, we picked up 'mineral' for the horses.  For you non-horsey people, that's a tub of tastey salt/mineral/sweetness that give needed nutrients to horses to keep them healthy. (I honestly include myself in the non-horsey set; I just learned this tidbit today.)  We're not talking tiny quantities, either.  We got two 250 lb. tubs and one 125 pound tub, which will last the horses about 6 weeks.

Mmmmm...... yummy.

Then we stopped at the John Deere supply store and picked up a new windshield.  The current one got busted while moving deadfall woods and logs.
It happens.

While we were that far north, we took a short drive north to pick up boxed and packaged elk meat.  Mrs. RM shot a hefty male elk a week or two before.

Big critter, isn't he?  And yes, that's Mrs. RM, thank you very much.  Montana women don't mess around.

After several more mundane errands, it was back to the ranch.


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  1. Bet you've never had a shopping list including chain saw blades and elk meat before :)))
    lots of love