Thursday, August 25, 2011

What the #&%* Happened??

Chilli had a run-in with a wild critter (badger or coyote), and Chilli lost.  We heard hideous dog screams and ran out to then absolute silence in the tall grass and trees next to our yard where Pepper was furiously barking.  Both dogs had been taking long forays in the fields around us... until this panicky time.

Chilli came stumbling out, blood dripping from her head and in shock.  We rushed her to the vet (about an hour away), and the end result was several stitches and a mild concussion.  She's now on antibiotics and anti inflammatory meds.

Poor little thing looks pretty ragged now.... we're talking about fencing the yard (to keep wild critters at bay), and she's now staying closer to home.....

Do I look as pathetic as I feel?

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