Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is our Reality- May 14, 2011

People often ask if spring has come yet, since they are busy mowing their lawns.  I thought a few photos would be telling:

Here's the view out our front door:

Here's the view out the back of the house on the deck:

Most of the snow has gone, with patches and drifts hanging on.  Last Saturday, the first faint traces of green appeared here and there.  Since then, more green is being reflected in the fields and along the streams. 

If you're observant, you've noticed in the first photo that the animals are elk, not horses.  The elk are moving slowly and are about ready to give birth between and the end of the month. 

I'm really looking forward to seeing baby elk bouncing about!

On our back deck, we have quite a collection of bones that our dog Pepper has discovered while wandering in the fields around us.  Definitely not the type of things a dog would find in the suburbs:

In the front yard are more leg bones and part of a skull....  I think this place is a kind of dog heaven.

Down at the main Lodge, Dan has a few crocus blooming, and the tulips are trying to form buds.  Spring should be in full swing by the end of May.


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