Thursday, December 9, 2010

You Can Have THIS, or You Can Have THAT

The popular commercial featuring hamsters driving a ‘cool’ car to rap music brings to mind the difference in our lives Out West versus our past lives in the the Columbus, Ohio area.  There’re a lot of differences- neither one good nor bad, but very different.  Figuring the current THIS is Montana and THAT was 25 years living in Columbus, here’s a comparison:

THIS:  People never lock their doors, and many even leave their keys in the car at home.
THAT: Our homes had security systems and were always locked; one would never leave their car unlocked, much less leave the keys there.
THIS: There’s lots of snow.
THAT: Little snow, lots of ice and drizzle.

THIS: Few neighbors and wide open spaces.
THAT: No matter how hard you try to get away, you’ll still hear the hum of cars on a road or highway.

THIS: ‘Fast food’ is a 15 mile drive to get a burger in a bar.
THAT:  Fast food has many options, including Chipotle (sigh…)


THIS:  Fancy food is either: a 15 mile drive to get a burger in a bar, or a 65 mile drive to a restaurant (sigh…)
THAT: Your choice of restaurants, style of cuisine, etc. etc.
THIS: Fly fishing can lead to some hum-dingers of trout….
THAT: Fly fishing in the O’Shaunessy reservoir might lead to a couple of carp.

THIS: Wolves can kill and eat an elk 300 yards from your home.
THAT: Your neighbor’s teens could have a wild party 300 yards from your home.

THIS: A traffic jam in Gardiner happens because of deer, elk and bison wandering the streets.
THAT: A Traffic jam in Columbus is caused by cars, not animals....

THIS: Drive to work is ½ mile; drive views include snow and lots of elk…
THAT: Drive to work was all over town; drive views included homes, asphalt and traffic lights.

THIS: Fashion and fun is designer cowgirl boots and a rodeo.
THAT: Fashion and fun was a buckeye necklace and an OSU football game.

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