Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ghost Elk

We have elk around here.

We have LOTS of elk around here, and their numbers are growing daily.

The frustration is, most of the time you don't see them during the day.  Other than getting a view across the Cinnabar basin on the opposite mountain slopes where they look like tiny ticks, the fields are barren of wandering elk.

The only sign of existance is when you hear a male bugling for his ladies.  It's strange to know wildlife is there, but not visible.

At night however, these elk have a party.  They wander all around, gaily leaving their footprints and elk-do as evidence of the merry times they are having under the cover of darkness.

Typical ghost behavior.

I'm told they will become more visible during the winter months, and we'll see them laying around in our back yard.

I can't wait.  It's annoying to hear and not see them.

Last night, I was awakened several times by male elk bugling in the dark.  They were close... very close.  When I got up at 6 am, I knew they were hanging out in our back yard, but it was still dark.

I got the strongest flashlight we have (which isn't really that strong), and quietly opened the back sliding door before turning on any lights. Clicking the 'on' button on the flashlight, I quietly scanned the backyard and adjoining corral. 

All I could see was eyesLots and lots of golden, glowing eyes.  No shapes, only eyes.....

Wily, rascaly critters.....

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  1. Oooh, it sounds kind of spooky! Hopefully, when there is lots of snow, and the moon is full, you will be able to see them.