Saturday, September 18, 2010

Gerta- Rugged on the Outside, Warm-Fuzzy on the Inside

I christened our home with the name of Gerta, and showed some outdoor photos in an earlier post.  As promised, we are now fairly well settled, and here's a few inside pictures-

Here's the kitchen coming in from the front door. And a couple more shots panning into the living room:

The living room is vaulted, with a set of stairs going up to a guest bedroom....
Down a hallway to the left is our bedroom:

The dresser is built-in.  There's plenty of closet space on the right of the photo.

Last but not least, is Dan's new 'office'.  It's a large space that was originally a garage, then finished off.  In a previous life this was a family room.  Now, it's a work-in-progress as Dan's new woodshop.  He'll keep busy with his own projects as well as ranch repairs:

He's having a good time planning and rearranging his 'stuff'.

Gerta also has a full walk-out basement.  We'll be using a lot of this space for storage, and Dan is at work in a version of his future man-cave with animal mounts, maps, etc.  A large room has knotty pine paneling. Once finished, he'll have a good space to retreat to.

Let the tall tales and hunting/fishing stories begin!

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