Saturday, July 24, 2010

Old Goodbye's and New Hello's

Welcome to a new page in our lives!  As they say, "Life is a Journey," and ours has been interesting, to say the least.

When we left central Ohio a year and a half ago and moved from 'large city' life to northwest upper Michigan life, we thought we had finally gotten it all figured out.  We loved the hills, the trees, our home, the softer pace of life, and the lakes.

But..... another famous saying is "Life is what happens when you're busy making plans."  And Life decided to whip us around to another direction, and gave us the time (whether we wanted it or not) to make new choices.  Time to move on.

So.... Up North Newbie has now transformed into a new blog, Montana Mountainview.  Dan and I are in the midst of a move to Gardiner, Montana for a Caretaker Couple job 7,000 feet up in the mountains for a private ranch.  It's close to Yellowstone, and the surroundings are beautiful.  We'll be living on the ranch and maintaining the property, inside and out.  You simply go 7.5 miles off the main road on a gravel/dirt road into the mountains, and you're there. :)

Some parts of Montana I wouldn't like to live in.  A lot of the land is 'high desert' country, and pretty barren.  It's lucky we'll be living in a pretty part- meadows, rolling fields, lots of trees, and mountaintop peaks above us.  We'll be sharing our lives with the local animals (horses, elk, black and grizzly bear, coyote, wolves, and other critters), enjoying LOTS of snow in the winter, and watching the fast and furious summer spill out on the land while it can.

I plan to keep in touch with family and friends on this blog, and share the adventures of our lives out West.  Stop by once in a while, and sip a cup of coffee or tea while you catch up.  It should be an adventure...... Yee haw!     Sondra

P.S.- to the right and below are photos of the surrounding country we'll be living in.  Enjoy!


  1. simply breath taking- so jealous!!!!!!
    Good luck my old Remax Buddy


  2. Yes, "Life is a Journey", and I would like to add "-Travel it Well". We wish you all the best and are so impressed that you found such a great job for both of you. Thanks for sharing on your blog, we'll be reading you <3

  3. Unbelievably beautiful, Sonie. Wishing you and Dan bountiful blessings in your new home. Live is certainly a journey and extremely important to be making lemonade on the way!

    Love you,

    Devora (Susie)

  4. Oh my Sondra and Dan, you two are an amazing team and how lucky are the owners of this property! Know we are cheering you both along for a successful and exciting adventure. Keep us posted on this exciting new venture. love ya Sue and Chuck

  5. How exciting! I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures on the ranch. Sounds like an amazing experience and I wish you and Dan the best of luck! xo

  6. beautiful! what an exciting adventure for your next chapter of life, best wishes!

  7. I'm jealous beyond belief. Chris and I were in Gardiner about 10 years ago and I fell in love with the place. Guess now I have a good reason to return. Best of luck to both of you.